TV of Tomorrow Show 2007 looking for artists

Posted by: Brian

Wow! It has been a busy morning. I have been finding all sorts of events related to technology and the arts, and the TV of Tomorrow Show being held in San Francisco March 13-14, 2007, is yet another one I feel the need to mention here.

In addition, the show is seeking submissions from artists…

Call to Artists
We are seeking artistic interpretations of the theme “The TV of Tomorrow” to be displayed at the show. If you have something you’d like to submit, please contact Tracy at 415-824-5806 or for details…Learn more (PDF)


1 thought on “TV of Tomorrow Show 2007 looking for artists

  1. I so want to do something for this show. Why does life have to be so jam packed with goodness? I’m thinking holograms where reality TV means a fight in your living room. How about neural implants, where the only way you’d have a clue someone was watching TV was if they suddenly laughed out loud for no reason. How about fingers-up-display where your thumb has a removable [?] display and your pinky is the antenna. Oh man – this would be a great topic for a fine arts movie short.

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