How the world really shapes up | the Daily Mail

I love when visual structures are used to quickly illustrate an idea. I love when data is represented visually. I love to see familiar images altered in startling ways. I really, really like the images on this site. – John.

How the world really shapes up | the Daily Mail
We all know what the world looks like. But a new series of extraordinary maps shows our planet in a very different light.

Rather than defining each country by size, these computer-generated modified maps – or cartograms – redraw the globe with each country’s size proportionate to its strengths, or weaknesses, in a whole series of categories.

For instance, when it comes to military spending, the U.S. appears bloated, but Africa is huge when HIV prevalence is mapped.

The cartograms were produced in a unique collaboration between the universities of Michigan in the U.S. and Sheffield. Here are images and more details on some of the most fascinating…