Photos from the 2007 Trenton Computer Festival

MITS Altair 680 atop vintage Zenith Data Systems computer.

The photo above shows an Altair 680 sitting atop a vintage Zenith Data Systems machine. These were two of several vintage computers at the Mid-Atlantic Retro Computing Hobbyists (MARCH) booth this past weekend during the 32nd Annual Trenton Computer Festival, held at The College of New Jersey in Ewing, N.J.

Click here for more photos from the 2007 Trenton Computer Festival.

(NOTE: I’ll try to add captions and information about the photos at some point).


2 thoughts on “Photos from the 2007 Trenton Computer Festival

  1. Cool pics… reminds me of the Commodore 64 I had as a kid, and also seeing “Triumph of the Nerds” documentary about 10 years ago…

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