Show Notes for Technology and the Arts Podcast #10

MARCH booth at Trenton Computer Festival

Exhibitors and attendees at the 32nd Annual Trenton Computer Festival in Central New Jersey are interviewed. Other topics include Sacramento Bee photographer Renee C. Byer’s award-winning work at, a toaster pastry review at, Google’s announced presentation applicationk,’s “How to make your offline life easier,” Boston Cyberarts 2007, PoliSciFi at, and musician/blogger/podcaster Jonathan Coulton. Hosts: Brian Kelley, John LeMasney. File size: 14 MB. Time: 29 min., 10 sec.

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  • Trenton Computer Festival 2007Technology and the Arts co-host John LeMasney gave a presentation on blogging and podcasting at the festival. Then, John and Brian walked the floor at the indoor computer show and interviewed some attendees and exhibitors.

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