Show Notes for Technology and the Arts Podcast #46

In this installment of the Technology and the Arts podcast, we share some interesting news, web sites and online resources we have come across recently, including Songbird and the music recommendation service Mufin. Plus, we discuss ReverbNation’s “on ramp” to music download services for bands and musicians, as well as music download service and online music player,…and more! Hosts: Brian Kelley and John LeMasney. File size: 13 MB. Time: 26 min., 59 sec.

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Here are some things John talked about:

  • Educause – Educause 2008, a conference dedicated to the use of information technology in higher education, will take place in Orlando, Florida, Oct. 28-31, 2008.
  • T-Mobile G1 – John has ordered this Google Android-powered phone from T-Mobile.
  • Picasa 3 – Google has updated its Picasa Web Album and John likes the new features.
  • Songbird – John talks about the popular Mozilla-powered, open-source music player.

Here are some things Brian talked about:

  • Philadelphia Phillies – Brian is completely preoccupied by his favorite sports team’s playoff run to the World Series.
  • Christian Beach – Brian plugs some upcoming shows by his friend Christian…October 23 at Triumph Brew Pub in Princeton, N.J.; October 29 at Triumph in Philadelphia, Pa. (tentative, depending on the Phillies); November 22 at Rockaway Townsquare in Rockaway, N.J., and December 12 at Fergie’s Pub in Philly.
  • Life on Mars – Check out the Americanized ABC version of this critically acclaimed BBC series about a present-day cop time-shifted back to 1973…the ABC version takes place in New York City.
  • Mufin (beta) – Read about this music recommendation service, which scans audio for density, tempo and rhythm to match other songs you might like. (Sourcee: CNET
  • ReverbNation – This marketing and promotion platform for bands and musicians offers a full range of services, including posting of songs to the popular music download services for a flat fee of $34.95 (Source: ReverbNation via BusinessWire)
  • – This online music service and player offers cheap DRM-free MP3 downloads and 10-cent “websongs” that play in an ad-free player that also imports songs from your iTunes library. (Source: The Washington Post)