(T+A #48) Technology and the Arts: 11/19/2008

(T+A #48) Technology and the Arts: 11/19/2008

In this installment of the Technology and the Arts podcast, we share some interesting news, web sites and online resources we have come across recently, including the Firefox toolbar, President-Elect Obama’s weekly YouTube address, and a recent talk by Audacity co-creator Roger Dannenberg. Plus, we discuss the Grounds for Sculpture in Hamilton, N.J., and provide an update on our own John LeMasney’s stolen car…and more! Hosts: Brian Kelley and John LeMasney. File size: 9 MB. Time: 19 min.

Note: Look for show notes on 11/20/08…sorry.


2 thoughts on “(T+A #48) Technology and the Arts: 11/19/2008

  1. Hardware Wars was pretty funny even though it hasn’t aged very well. My favorite line was when Obi-Wan was feeling Alderaan being destroyed, and says he just has a bit of a headache. Damn hilarious.

    What have been your other favorite Star Wars parodies? Robot Chicken did a great send-up last year, and I know they did a new one that aired on Sunday but I have yet to watch it. The Family Guy Blue Harvest episode was a bit disappointing, but still had it moments. And who can beat Spaceballs?!

  2. Of course, the genius of Hardware Wars was that Alderaan was changed to Basketball. They made an updated edition of Hardware Wars a few years ago, but the creator, Ernie Fosselius, was against it. He wanted it to be cheap looking…and for it to stay that way.

    Robot Chicken does great stuff with Star Wars…my favorite is still the call to the Emperor from Darth Vader to tell him he has been spinning around in space for two weeks and that the Death Star was destroyed by a bunch of teenagers.

    I actually loved a lot of “Blue Harvest”…my favorite scene, of course, is the Doctor Who reference during the jump to hyperspace. But I also like the appearance of John Williams and the London Symphony Orchestra followed by their demise, leading to the Danny Elfman substitution (an beheading). Oh, and the scene with the death ray guys and their work environment (All I asked for was a railing…they said we would be leaning all day).

    Spaceballs…I say at least twice a day, “F**k! Even in the future nothing works!”

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