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Hey…it’s Brian from the ol’ Technology and the Arts podcast. I’m just letting our former listeners know that I have submitted an old-but-reworked techno song of mine called “Vortex (2009)” for a Best Piano/Keyboard Performance contest on, an online talent community (think of it as “Star Search” for the social networking generation).

Voting is under way now through midnight on Sunday, June 7, and I would really appreciate your support by clicking the link below and casting a vote for “Vortex (2009)” at

Vote for Best Piano/Keyboard Performance on

Now, you do have to sign up on in order to vote, but since many Technology and Arts fans probably have artistic talents to share with the world, you may wind up liking what the site has to offer.

Anyway, thank you for your time. Any votes you cast for “Vortex (2009)” will be greatly appreciated.

And, if you want to hear what “Vortex (2009)” sounds like before you head over to, just listen to it in the embedded player below.

– BK

“Vortex (2009)” – Brian Kelley