Technology and the Arts 2.0 – Series 1, Ep. 4 (9.17.2012)

Technology and the Arts 2.0 – Series 1, Ep. 4 (9.17.2012)

Updated 9/19/2012:

Thanks to the resourcefulness of John LeMasney, the fourth episode of the Technology and the Arts 2.0 webcast—recorded last Monday night—is finally viewable online. Better yet, I did some basic editing to it and inserted the theme song intro and some on-screen text. Enjoy. – BK

Original Post:

Well, there are a few things to know about this latest installment of the Technology and the Arts webcast series:

1. Instead of being hosted on the Technology and the Arts YouTube channel, as promoted, it wound up going on John LeMasney’s channel.

2. As soon as we concluded the live chat, we saw YouTube had a note on its site saying maintenance was being done, delaying the posting of the recorded video.

3. If you try to watch the video above on a standard Web browser, it likely won’t play (at least it hasn’t so far since it was “uploaded”).

4. The video plays on the iPhone YouTube app so it may be viewable on any mobile device…which is weird.

This is the second week in a row now we’ve experienced an issue with the live Google+ Hangout being recorded and archived properly on YouTube. John and I are both upset by this and apologize for the inconvenience.