Show Notes for Technology and the Arts – Episode 57

Technology and the Arts – Episode 57 (11.23.2012) features lightly edited audio from a live Google+ Hangouts On AIr that John LeMasney and I conducted October 15th, 2012. In this installment, we discuss John’s WordPress boot camp at Princeton Public Library in New Jersey as well as an artistic tool called FlamePainter. We also talk about Felix Baumgartner’s 24-mile-high skydive, singer Sarah Brightman’s preparation for a flight to the International Space Station and interesting new discoveries about Stonehenge…and a whole lot more. File size: 8.9 MB. Time: 36 min., 04 sec. Hosts: Brian Kelley and John LeMasney.

Topics discussed:

Hurricane Sandy Information and Relief Links

Here is the video version of the full episode…

Technology and the Arts 2.0 – Series 1, Ep. 8 (10.15.2012)