Show Notes for Technology and the Arts – Episode 65

Technology and the Arts – Episode 65 (09.20.2013) features lightly edited audio from a live Google+ Hangout On Air conducted September 16, 2013. This installment of the podcast features discussion of Chromebook, PGP (Pretty Good Privacy), the great new album Warm Blanket from indie musician Dent May, the Oxymoron (hot ice cream) Maker made exclusively for Spain’s Rocambolesc ice cream shop, and the fantastic 99% Invisible podcast about design of all forms…and more! File size: 13.5 MB. Time: 55 min., 00 sec. Hosts: Brian Kelley and John LeMasney.

John talked about:

Brian talked about:

  • “Warm Blanket,” the new CD from one of Brian’s favorite indie artists, Dent May…check out his Soundcloud page

Together, they discussed:

  • PGP (Pretty Good Privacy) – in this day and age of NSA spying on you, PGP will at least make them work a bit to get to your data
  • More on the beauty and simplicity of Chromebook
  • Andreu Carulla’s “Oxymoron Maker II,” a hot ice cream maker produced exclusively for Rocambolesc, the ice cream store offshoot of Spain’s famed El Celler de Can Roca restaurant
  • The 99% Invisible podcast — hosted by Roman Mars, this entertaining and informative podcast looks at all forms of design…graphic design, architecture, networks and systems and format structures
  • And more…

Here is the webcast version of the episode:
Technology and the Arts 2.0: Series 2, Ep. 6 – 09.16.2013