Technology and the Arts – Ep. 72 (09.19.2014)

Technology and the Arts – Ep. 72 (09.19.2014)

Technology and the Arts – Episode 72 (09.19.2014) features lightly edited audio from a live Google+ Hangout On Air conducted September 15, 2014. In this installment, we focus on community services provided through technology and art—how libraries, co-teaching/co-working opportunities and public events, such as Trenton, N.J.’s massively popular Art All Night annual event, use art and technology to bring communities together…and more! File size: 29.5 MB. Time: 59 min., 58 sec. Hosts: Brian Kelley and John LeMasney.

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  • Featured Topic: Community service/engagement through technology and art
    • Princeton Public Library – rotating art shows, co-working and collaboration opportunities, and free technology training sessions.
    • BuddyPress – a suite of social networking components harnessing the power of WordPress to help build flexible & robust online communities.
    • Learning Management Systems at colleges and universities.
    • Reddit AMA (Ask Me Anything) – Here’s a article from May 2012 about the rising popularity of the Reddit AMA.
    • Art All Night-Trenton – popular, 24-hour arts/music/entertainment event that takes place each June in Trenton, N.J.
    • Artworks Trenton – a producer of Art All Night, Artworks is Trenton’s downtown visual arts center, promoting artistic diversity by fostering creativity, learning, and appreciation of the arts.
    • OpenAir Philly – a 2012 public art installation that translated sound captured from a web site or iPhone app to create a light show over Philadelphia’s Ben Franklin Parkway
    • Colour By Numbers – permanent light installation in the tower at Telefonplan in Stockholm, Sweden, that uses instructions via phone call or smartphone app (which, apparently, is sadly closed at the moment due to vandalism).
    • WXPN Musicians On Call – a non-profit partnership between University of Pennsylvania radio station WXPN and the successful New York-based Musicians On Call program that brings live and recorded music to the bedsides of patients in healthcare facilities throughout the Delaware Valley.
    • WXPN Mural Arts Collaboration – WXPN partnered with the Mural Arts Program (MAP) in 2004 to create the Sounds of Philadelphia mural series, designed to celebrate Philadelphia’s diverse music legacy. This mural series pays tribute to both Philadelphia’s musical heritage and the growing cultural influence of music in the region. The seventh and final mural in the series was painted in 2009.
    • 99 Percent Invisible: Longbox – Brian discussed an episode of his favorite podcast that took a look at how R.E.M.’s 1991 CD “Out of TIme”–and one of the music industry’s worst package designs of all time–played a key role in the Rock the Vote movement and getting the National Voter Registration Act (or “Motor Voter”) bill passed four years later.