Episode 3.03 redo

Well, last night’s live webcast didn’t turn out too well and we apologize for that. I went to see John’s presentation last night so we tried to do the show in the same location for the first time since bringing Technology and the Arts back via the Google+ Hangouts on Air platform in 2012.

Watching the video of last night’s webcast, it is clear that turned out to be the wrong call. So this is what we’re going to do…we’ll spend about 15 minutes recapping what we talked about last night — technology as a creative influence — on next Monday’s (9/29) show before going into our planned discussion on the influences and roles science and technology have in the development of artistic works. Basically, it will be two shows in one.

Also, there will be no audio-only podcast this Friday.

Again, apologies for the subpar quality of last night’s show. We’ll see you Monday night…with a normally produced show.

– Brian