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  1. I would like to thank John again for the workshop at TCF Saturday. I picked up a lot I can use with my Seniors sites in the making.

    Seniors are a special group. They range from those who were pathfinders to those losing a few neurrons. But they all have the precious resource of TIME, and they need to keep connected while becoming less mobile. I see some moving very fast to catch up, and I try to help them over the hurdles.

    My past websites kept the left sidebar navigation and links menu constant while displaying the linked webpages in a frame on the rest of the page, the idea being to make it easy to switch pages without losing the menu. One keystroke switched to another link.

    Frames worked but were a hassle to maintain. You suggested adding pages, and I think I will just add pages this time around until think of something better.

    Although I play with Linux, it was good to buttress my understanding of open source and proprietary software.

    I applaud also the way you handled too many interruptions to your talk. It seemed like an odd question to ask what blogs are all about.

    As you said, blogs are fun, and a good challenge to the mind. But the whole business is really contained a few words: better communication.

    Thanks again!!

  2. @seniortech

    I had a lot of fun, and I’m looking forward to coming back next year.

    I appreciate your kind words about my handling of interruptions, but I guess the interruptions are what make an in person presentation different [and potentially more beneficial] than a canned presentation.

    Not to say that I love interruptions, mind you. 😉

    Thanks again for coming!


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