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The final—and 50th—installment of the original series of Technology and the Arts podcasts, hosted by Brian Kelley and John LeMasney, was posted December 24, 2008. In late August 2012, Brian and John revived Technology and the Arts as a 10-week series of live, weekly webcasts conducted via Google+ Hangouts On Air. A second series of these webcasts launched August 5, 2013, and concluded October 14, 2013. The next series is expected to run in spring 2014, but a launch date has not yet been finalized.

All webcast episodes and other videos can be found on the Technology and the Arts YouTube channel. The webcasts are later adapted into audio-only podcasts, which carry on the sequence of episode numbers of the original series.



  • “Unlike oil and water, these blend better on Internet radio,” by Rosalie Ann LaGrutta, The Lawrence Ledger (April 26, 2007)

Where can people go to get their technology and arts information all in one place?

Just log on to and listen in on Brian Kelley and John LeMasney’s “Technology and the Arts,” which is broadcast every other Wednesday. The Internet program launched in December…

  • “Christian Beach: Hill Billy Technology,” The Aquarian – Shoreworld column (April 4, 2007)

Christian Beach has graced this page in the past and his new CD is in the mastering can right now and will be headed to Tennessee for a true test of acceptance within the country community of Nashville…Beach has also recently been featured on the new and gear-inspired podcast “Technology and the Arts” which is the creation of Brian Kelley, a public relations guru, and partner John LeMasney, visual artist and sculptor. Their goal with the site is to explore the connections between technology and art, and to establish a forum for discussing the impact technology has made on the human creative process and on literature, music, and the visual and interactive arts. Beach gets a chance to let loose and tell you all about the recording studio experience including takes on gear and gadgetry way beyond the comprehension of mortal man. Grab your ProTools manual and a pocket calculator and check out Christian Beach as he also performs live on the site at and also listen to the many styles of music at

…The gallery also recommends a new blog devoted to technology and the arts,, which features podcast interviews with four of the participating artists, Sally Davidson, Alan Goldsmith, Susan Kaprov. and Patricia Lay.




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